Putzmeister Wear Plate OEM 269521000 concrete pump truck spare parts 27. wear parts for concrete pumps ,hard face

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Product Description

Putzmeister /Schwing/Sani/Zoomlion/Cifa/Sermac concrete pump wear plate

Product description:

1.Material: plate body S35C steel, tungsten carbide E5 grade


3.Type: hard facing, normal tungsten carbide,7shape T.C

4.Germany welding rod used for hard facing

5.Tensile strength2500 N/mm2


7.Application: shotcrete, trailer and truck mounted concrete pump boom concrete pump hopper


How to increase service life of concrete pump spectacle wear plate and cutting ring 

When the pump is in operation, the basic causes of wear resulted due to the following 3 actions on cutting rings and spectacle plate. 

1. Friction created while rubbing away on wear parts.

2. Impact stress due to intentional back pressure created for better sealing.

3. By the concrete due to the flow. 

The Spectacle wear plate is also called a wear plate and cutting ring. It is an important part of the concrete pump.. It can be cut, bent, welded, etc., and can be connected to other structures by means of welding, plug welding, bolting, etc. Commonly used materials are: high chromium alloy cast iron, tungsten carbide, cemented carbide, alloy ceramics.

 Schwing Spectacle Plate, Dn230 Wear plate and cutting ring


Putzmeister /Schwing/Sani/Zoomlion/ Cifa/Sermac concrete pump wear platePutzmeister /Schwing/Sani/Zoomlion/ Cifa/Sermac concrete pump wear platePutzmeister /Schwing/Sani/Zoomlion/ Cifa/Sermac concrete pump wear platePutzmeister /Schwing/Sani/Zoomlion/ Cifa/Sermac concrete pump wear plate

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