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Tungsten carbide rod are used in micro drilling

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                                   Tungsten carbide rod are used in micro drilling

Carbide round rod is also called tungsten carbide rod, has good bending strength and wear resistance, is also very widely used, then you know its application in micro drilling need to pay attention to what aspects?

What is micro drilling? A micro drill is a tiny bit with a diameter of less than 3.175mm. The material of the micro drill must be considered in order to make it efficient in use. Here we focus on the understanding of the tungsten carbide bar processed from the micro drill.

Because the characteristics of tungsten carbide rods, made of carbide micro drill has the advantages of high hardness, high strength, high wear resistance, usually by carbide rod processed into the micro drill life long machining accuracy is higher, can achieve high speed steel and carbide micro drill speed 3 times, when the rigid to a certain degree of time will make it easier to split, so will need to install and use carefully, Accurate concentricity is especially important because the lateral load caused by different cores can cause the micro drill to break.

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