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Production of tungsten carbide button

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The production process of upper and lower die of tungsten carbide button punching is as follows: 1. Make l8 separately. Small alloy blocks of concave cones and concave balls (see Figure 3 and Figure 2); 2. Take die punching steel materials, turn according to size requirements, and then quench and temper; 3. Braze small alloys on the top and bottom Die punching steel parts (see Figure 3 and Figure 2); 4. Grind the upper and lower dies to the design size, right l8. Conical surface and concave spherical surface are finely polished. At this point, the entire set of molds has been processed. The cost of the self-pressing die for the ball teeth produced in this way is about 2,000 yuan, and the production efficiency can reach 10 pieces / min. However, we originally used a hydraulic press to press the hard alloy ball teeth. Weighing manually, the efficiency is only 1 piece / mln.


tungsten carbide button


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